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April 18, 2024

The Organized Traveler: Planning Ease into Your Summer Adventures

The Organized Traveler: Planning Ease into Your Summer Adventures

Anyone else thinking about all the potential summer travels these days? Whether you're jetting off solo, planning a family getaway, or gearing up for an outdoor adventure, organizing can either be your best friend or your biggest stressor.

But, fear not! We've got you covered with smart, savvy tips to keep your summer travel stress to a minimum and your adventures to a maximum. Let’s dive in!

Packing Lists: Customized to Your Trip Type

The cornerstone of travel organizing is the packing list. Tailoring your list to the type of trip (be it solo, family, leisure, or adventure) ensures you never leave behind anything essential. We suggest starting your list a week in advance if it’s just yourself, or at least two weeks in advance if you are packing for littles as well. Planning your outfits (for the kids, too!) can allow you to travel with way less clothing if you are strategic about mix-and-matching things. We’re a fan of Jillian Lansky’s carry-on packing guide for inspiration of how light you can go!


Whether on your own or with the whole crew, we also think it’s a great idea to have a small pouch in your personal bag with a few small essentials (ie: lip balm, a pain reliever, a couple of bandaids, gum, a snack bag of almonds). This can be a game-changer when you don’t have immediate access to your other bags.

Keeping in mind to pack strategically for security can smooth your way through the airport. Keep your liquids and electronics in an easy-to-reach spot (think clear, zipped bags) for quick access at security checks.

Travel Documentation: Handy, but Secure

Traveling means paperwork—passports, visas, itineraries, and insurance documents. Keep these critical papers in a travel wallet or organizer that’s both accessible and secure. Also, consider using an app or a secure cloud service to store digital copies, ensuring you have backups in case of loss or theft. Setting this up long before you depart will bring you confidence knowing you have everything safely tucked away.
This small step can save you a world of stress, making getting about, check-ins, and border crossings a breeze.

Gear Organization: Travel Smart with the Right Tools

Investing in the right travel gear can make all the difference. Luggage organizers, such as packing cubes, help categorize your belongings and make unpacking and repacking quick and painless. Compression bags are great for saving space, and a sturdy electronics case can protect and organize your gadgets, cables, and adapters. These days, you can find small travel cubes everywhere from Ikea to Muji, to the Dollarstore! These tools not only keep your luggage organized but also make locating what you need when you need it effortless.

Destination Research: Plan Like a Pro

Doing your homework before you travel not only enriches your experience but also streamlines your journey. Bookmark must-see sights, gather all hotel addresses and important travel info in a shared folder accessible to all the grown-up travelers (Mom/Dad? Friends?). Make reservations ahead of time to avoid avoidable disappointments, and map out your routes where possible to maximize your relax time. This upfront organization pays off in spades when you can navigate your destination like a local.

Post-Trip Unpacking and Storage: Ready for Your Next Adventure

The trip might be over, but resist tossing things in the garage and calling it good! Efficient unpacking and storage of your travel gear ensure you're always ready to go. Unpack immediately upon return (we swear this feels oh-so good afterwards!), sort what needs cleaning, and store your travel gear in their dedicated “homes”. This not only keeps your gear in good condition but also makes packing for your next trip quick and easy.

With these things in mind, you’re not just preparing for a trip; you're enhancing your travel experience from start to finish. Effective organizing reduces stress, increases you ability to be present, and makes each journey smoother.

So, pack up, plan ahead, and make this summers travel adventures the best yet!

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