Moving and Downsizing Services

Moving often means there are challenging decisions to make about what belongings will fit and work well in your new space. Whether you are downsizing or relocating, this is an exciting time! However, we understand that it can also go hand-in-hand with difficult life transitions.

From de-cluttering in the initial phase, to packing, soft-staging your home, and unpacking on the other side, our experienced team can work with you step-by-step to ease this time of big decision-making! In all practicalities, we make moving a little less daunting and a lot more exciting.


We offer hands-on help to purge unwanted items, so only the things you love move with you. The extra space this will create will be an immediate reward that will help spur you forward with your newly lightened load! Our team will coordinate the “discard” items to be donated, discarded, or sold.


Full or partial packing services are available. We have a systemized way of packing
that makes finding things easy and, more importantly, finding them all in one piece! We’ll make sure everything is packed clearly and securely, which saves you time during the unpack! In addition, we are able to provide packing materials when needed.

Soft Staging

By decluttering and being intentional with the items that remain, we’ll help prepare the home for showings! We are intentional to work with what you already own, rather than bring in uneccessary staging items. You’ll find that our experienced team not only has an eye for efficient organization, but design as well!


Allow us to fully unpack for you, or just do the essentials to help get you off to a great start! We can set up customised systems that reflect your living and make it start to feel like home. Sick of looking at boxes? We remove all packing supplies so that you don’t have to look at another one again!


Transitioning during the senior years can be a difficult time for families- decisions to downsize or move to a supportive living environment are made with great consideration. There are many options to be considered, along with the reality of dispersing years of accumulated belongings. Our team works with compassion and practical support throughout the process, helping to give you peace of mind as well as thoughtful solutions.

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Looking for solutions but not sure where to start? We offer a complimentary consultation where we can answer all your questions and make a plan of action. This is an informal and non-judgmental tour of your space, and a great chance for us to meet each other. Tell us all your organizing hopes & dreams, we thrive on making them come true!

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