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About room to breathe

Room to Breathe came to be out of a natural passion for organization and the desire to serve people in a lasting way. This simple concept has grown over the years, developing and expanding into new and wonderful spaces! A big part of Room to Breathe is connecting with the people we work with. We love to get to know you so we can best serve you, and we wanted to share a bit behind our story!

I’m Indianna, the owner of Room to Breathe!
The journey of finding myself here came unexpectedly for me and my family. After finishing a degree and landing in something totally unrelated, I wasn’t loving what I was doing. In an attempt to reconnect with what I love, I did a quick Google search and came upon a few local organizing companies, where Room to Breathe stood out. I felt it spoke to me the most, seeing the opportunity to align my passions with what I knew I wanted to achieve for clients, as well as what I wanted my own life to mirror. So in 2015, I joined the existing Room to Breathe as a Professional Organizer. However, within just six months, the owner decided to sell the company. Immediately my ears perked up!
My husband John and I often had people telling us we should go into business together, encouraging us that we would make a great business duo. John and I discussed the idea, and we quickly decided to jump at this opportunity to take on Room to Breathe as our own. It was another six months of soaking up all the knowledge we possibly could! The previous owner had been one of the first Professional Organizers in Calgary, and had been working in the industry for over 10 years, so there was much information to absorb. To this day, we are so thankful to have had the opportunity to soak up so much of her wisdom and expertise!

It has since been seven years of Room to Breathe! Out of our love for what we do and enjoying working as a team we decided to expand to the cities that have been a part of our lives. Originally our main goal was to lift the weight off our clients shoulders (literally!) to set them up to be ahead in their lives. We now see that by having an amazing team alongside us we can do so much more together!

We love knowing that as we further grow, we can further serve. We so look forward to connecting with you and seeing how we can best serve you!

Indianna McMechan
Owner of Room to Breathe

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