Set Yourself Up for Spring Organizing Success

Set Yourself Up for Spring Organizing Success

Spring cleaning is always top of mind this time of year, and getting your life and home prepared in the final weeks before summer is the best way to have a relaxed and project-free sunshine season.

Below are a few tips to set yourself up for success, as well as links to some great spring organizing blog posts to help you plan your upcoming projects.

Make a master list of the projects you want to tackle.

Be as detailed as possible - rather than writing 'tidy the garage', break it down into smaller, bite-sized pieces - eg: 'organize the recycling bins', 'move all storage boxes to one shelf', 'purge and gather all gardening supplies into a single bin', 'mount bicycles and ski equipment on the wall'.

Check off completed tasks as you go.

Celebrate your accomplishments and cross them off your list as you go - this helps boost positive forward momentum, allows you to tangibly see how far you've come, and floods your brain with happy endorphins for a job well done.

Aim for bite sized projects that can be carried through from start to finish in a reasonable amount of time.

3 hours, 1 day, or a single weekend are great lumps of time to aim for. Not being able to see a project through to completion is the quickest way to burnout and hamper forward momentum, often times leaving us with an even bigger mess than the one we started with.

Take all donations/ garbage/ recycling away immediately.

This step is so important! Don't let things that need to be taken away pile up in your hallway or the trunk of your car. See the project through to the end and take all of theses items out of your home right away. Out of site, out of mind is very much applicable here... If they stay in your line of view, you will inevitable start to second guess your decisions, slowly allowing items to creep back in.

Label it

If you put anything in boxes, bins, or storage containers, make sure you label what's inside. This doesn't have to be fancy - masking tape and a felt-tip marker work great in a pinch. Printed paper with a clean font can take your labels up a level. Whatever you decide, make sure your hard work is kept organized by labeling everything so it's simple to find the next time you need it.

If you need a little more project inspiration, check out these spring organizing blog posts:

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And if you still feel like you need a helping hand bringing your organizational vision to reality, Contact Room to Breathe today to schedule a FREE in home consultation - We LOVE to help and can get your space organized and functioning in much less time than you think!

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