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April 21, 2022

Make Room for What Matters

Make Room for What Matters

We are very excited to announce a recent extension of Room to Breathe, as we have stepped into a long-time aim to serve the people of Victoria! We are pleased to introduce you to Calm, Cool, & Uncluttered – officially the Victoria branch of Room to Breathe!

Early this year we connected with Maggie, a Professional Organizer who founded Calm, Cool, & Uncluttered. Maggie shared her heart and about the values behind CCU, and we knew it would be a good fit. With the opportunity to take on CCU, all things fell into place and it only seemed like a perfectly-timed & natural transition for us all. Maggie has been working alongside our team in the transition and is now on to new adventures! Our aim is to further what she began, with the same foundational values of exceptional customer service, personalized care & planning, and transformational organizing solutions. What a privilege it is to go forth with CCU and further serve the Vancouver Island communities- a long-time desire of ours!

As we settle in, we proudly boast our team lead for Victoria: Vicki Kearnan!  We look forward to connecting you with the incredible skills of Vicki, to offer personalised organizing solutions and support for whatever project you’re facing. Feel free to take a peek at her bio (Vicki) to learn more about her!

We are eager to put our hands to work, and we welcome those of you in the Victoria area to connect with us! To book a complimentary consultation, please don't hesitate to contact us, at

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