Garage Organization
June 22, 2023

Garage Organization 101

Garage Organization 101

The Garage. Just reading that probably stirs up some overwhelm within. Garages tend to be the dumping zone for the things that don’t have a home, don’t fit elsewhere, are barely used or used all the time, and the ‘I can’t deal with this right now’ pile. So it’s no wonder it’s one of the most dreaded areas of the home to tackle. Trust us, it’s not just you. It’s all of us, everywhere. 

The good news is that getting started is usually the hardest step! And with a process to follow (which you’ll find below), you’ll be on your way to an organized garage in no time! 

So let’s do this! It won’t be as bad as you imagined it would be, and the reward at the end will feel so great!

1. Getting Started

Clear the clutter that impedes your walking path. Think ‘quick wins’. This usually refers to cardboard boxes that just need to be broken down and recycled, recycle and trash bags, and items to be donated or rehomed. If you can, remove them from the garage altogether, keeping them in distinct piles of:
1. Trash
2. Recycle
3. Donate
4. Relocate

This creates instant satisfaction as you’ll begin to expose floor spaces and the dopamine kick to continue! 

2. Sort

Sort the remaining contents into piles. The idea is to get “like with like”, as this will help you see how much storage space needs to be allocated for each category. The following list are some garage categories you might expect to find: 
~ Tools & Hardware/Project Station 
~ Gardening 
~ Auto Parts & Maintenance 
~ Camping & Outdoor Activities
~ Sports & Recreational 
~ Cleaning Supplies & Supply Overstock (bulk-purchased items you can grab from on a needs basis) 
~ Seasonal Decor 
~ Garbage & Recycling Bins  

3. Categorize

Assign each category a home. Some things you’ll want to consider are how frequently each category is accessed, as this will determine where the zone should be located. For example. seasonal decor used once a year may be stored on a higher shelf. If a family member plays a sport once a week, make sure that sport bag can be quickly accessed on your way out. Keep in mind, there are no right or wrong answers here. It just has to work for you and your lifestyle! 

4. What's On-Hand?

Assess your organizational product supply (from bins, to shelves, bike racks, etc.) to determine what you need to store the items away. It’s recommended you do it at this stage in the game as now you have a visual of each category size and you can  avoid a bunch of unnecessary product purchases and returns later on.  

5. Label

Be sure to label all bins and boxes! This ensures the whole household gets familiar with and maintains the new systems.

Once everything is put away, don’t forget to acknowledge yourself for tackling the seemingly impossible and begin to reap the benefits of an orderly garage! We’re willing to bet that even weeknight extracurriculars and home hobbies will be more enjoyable too! 

If you’re feeling stuck and need some support, please don’t hesitate to connect with us!

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