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January 20, 2023

A Fresh Year, A Fresh Start

A Fresh Year, A Fresh Start

For many, January can feel like a bit of a slump. Gone is the anticipation of holiday cheer, gifts, and the social gatherings that fill December, all quickly replaced by a seemingly endless number of days until summer. The cold and dark can be tough. But January also offers something pretty special: a clean slate. A fresh, blank calendar waiting for all sorts of possibilities, rooms and surfaces decluttered of those holiday knickknacks, new goals and positive intention setting for the year ahead, and glorious time- lots and lots of unscheduled time.

Could 2023 be the year you resolve to get your home and life the most organized it's ever been? We would love to help you succeed! So with that goal in mind, here are a few ideas to get started!

Adopt a new rule

December inevitably leaves behind an influx of shiny new things that don't always have a proper home. There has never been a better time to get our belongings in order; creating space for the new and parting ways with that which no longer serves us.

One rule we love to challenge ourselves with: one item in = three items out.

The idea is simple- for every new item you receive, three items must be donated and passed along. What gifts did you receive that can replace items you already own? What existing items are around that you no longer utilize? What hasn't been touched over the last 3 months and could be of use to someone else? All great questions to get you started.

Continue the positive momentum of downsizing by attempting to abide by this rule throughout the entire year. Any new item that comes in means three old items must go out. You can do it!

Establish a tidying schedule

Upwards of 70% of cleaning is actually just picking up stuff and returning it to where it belongs. Often, clutter is what really makes cleaning up a challenge. Having a simple tidying schedule can make the task seem much less daunting and can help to avoid things piling up.

Need some inspiration? We adore Homesong Blog rhythm for cleaning - a thoughtful and carefully composed list of daily, weekly, and seasonal chores to tackle in bite-sized pieces. There is even a downloadable weekly cleaning schedule you can print off and customize to keep everything flowing smoothly.

Clear your file

Tax season is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to see what you have, what pieces are missing, and make a space for the files that will be coming in in 2023. The same can be applied to any digital and computer files. Move anything that is no longer needed onto an external hard drive and create a new virtual folder system for organized and efficient filing for all things 2023.

Dedicating the time and effort now will set you up for sweet success down the line!

Shake up your cooking routine

Meal planning can be a big undertaking, but January is a great time to make a plan. Take inventory of your cupboards, fridge, and freezer and see what you have on hand that can be used up or tested out.

Too many beans in the back of your cupboard? Google some new recipes. Want to learn how to cook a really delicious curry? Check out the cookbook selection at your local library, or ask a friend if they want to do a cookbook swap. Hoping to finally figure out how to utilize your slow cooker, or other new kitchen gadgets? Ask friends on social media for tried, tested, & true recipes, or peek Pinterest for fresh inspiration. The ideas are endless, so take advantage of the slower pace and make extra batches to freeze for a later date.

What's your personal limitation?

What is a task you truly dislike? You know– the thing that year after year ends up on your to-do list, and year after year is simply not getting done? Maybe it's organizing the garage or keeping on top of household chores. Perhaps your home office is a dumping ground for everything that doesn't have an assigned home, or you simply can't get on top of making meals as often as you would like. Identify what your personal limitation is and see if there is a solution to help take it off your plate.

If your issue is making meals, perhaps a meal prep delivery service is something that will save you heaps in mental anguish and wasted food. If it’s a deep clean of the bathrooms, look at hiring a cleaning service to address that problem area, or if you find yourself unable to tackle the garage or other cluttered spaces,  give us a call or send us an email! We offer a complimentary in-home consultation to understand your goals and your space. Setting off on some solo organizing in your spare time? We encourage that, too! Take a look here for some tips for a boost to your start.

Whether it's side-by-side or through these experience-informed tips, we would love nothing more than to help make your New Year’s dreams come true by finally getting things crossed off your list and setting off well in this fresh new year with a fresh start!

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