January 9, 2022

Where to Start When you Want to Get Organized

Where to Start When you Want to Get Organized

In life, but especially in organizing, where to begin can feel like a very daunting question. When it feels like a lot of things are needing our attention, knowing where to focus our efforts first can feel overwhelming.

But - with a few helpful tips from the experts, we can get you set off on the right foot and establish healthy habits to sustain and maintain all your hard work going forward.

We promise it's worth the effort.

1 - Discover Your Why?

What is your reason for wanting to get organized? Is it to eliminate the mental burden of clutter? To always know where things in your home are kept? To free up more time to enjoy life instead of always feeling like you’re tidying up? Or are you yearning to streamlining and downsizing the volume of stuff you keep? Perhaps it is a combo of all of the above. Whatever your reason, it's important to name it before you begin. As with anything in life, your energy and commitment to the project will ebb and flow - having a clear 'why' and remembering the end goal when your energy begins to wane will help cary you through.

2 - Start Small

This is crucial. We often have clients call us after deciding to get organized and immediately diving into their overflowing basement or bursting garage. It is really easy to get overwhelmed in the beginning, so pick some small projects to help hone your skills and bolster your confidence. Think things like kitchen drawers, random cupboards, coat closets, or bookshelves - these are great starting points. Try to think of places where you wont have much sentimental attachment to the things you are decluttering - mastering your ability to purge and let go is just as important as making a beautiful, functional space, so DON'T start with a box of keepsakes or baby clothes.

3 - Celebrate Along the Way

Once you've completed a project, ENJOY IT! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Celebration can be as simple as taking a few moments with a cup of tea to admire your work, sending a before and after photo to a good friend for a little ego-boosting, or sharing your accomplishments over social media - whatever feels right to you, take a moment and honour how far you've come.

4 - Establish New Habits to Maintain What You've Created

Once the work has been done, it's important to take a few minutes each day to maintain what you've created. We are big fans of the five minute tidy. In short, it’s a nightly reset. Take five minutes before heading to bed to ensure all surfaces are cleared, couch pillows are fluffed and blankets are refolded, dishes are put away, counters are wiped down, and there is nothing left for anyone to deal with the next day. Doing this is a simple way to reset your home - to ensure your space maintains organization and rhythm, and to start your morning off on the right foot. (When we asked our organizing team for some of their best organizing life-hacks, several of them replied with five minute tidy! Definitely worth a shot if this isn’t already part of your nightly routine.)

5- Don’t Let Part of Your House Become a Storage Locker 

It's common for areas of the home, like the garage, to have the most stored items and clutter. Many homeowners make use of their garage space for the literal space it provides, but without much forethought or planning, and it can grow to an overwhelming nightmare when left unchecked. So much space potential left under-utilized! We suggest tackling this sooner than later, emphasizing the great relief and satisfaction it will bring! Start by splitting the items between things to keep, things to toss, donations, and things to sell. Build an initial checklist for a garage sale for those things to sell. That way, you get some money back for items you give up!

6- Ask for Help if you get Stuck  

Sometimes organizing is hard and some people simply don't enjoy it. If you find yourself feeling stuck, overwhelmed, short on time, or simply wanting a buddy to work along side you, give us a call. Our team is experienced, compassionate, non-judgemental, and able to accomplish a lot in a very small amount of time. We can do as much or as little as you need, and will always offer helpful tips and guidance about where best to focus your energy and how to meet your goals. Get in touch to schedule a free in-home consultation today.

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