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January 22, 2024

Storage Hacks for Seasonal Clothes

Storage Hacks for Seasonal Clothes

It feels good to welcome the warmer weather back into your life after winter but it can be HARD to find space for all your big, bulky winter clothes. Chances are you treated yourself to some new jackets and sweaters during the winter months but didn't really account for where you would put them when spring finally showed up. Totally get it! I've been there too.

So let's look at some storage hacks for winter clothes so you can have a spot for all your cozy outfits until next year.

Storage Hacks for Seasonal Clothes

If you have limited closet space in your home, it can be tricky to utilize this space for off-season storage as well. The good news is there are some super easy ways to store your clothes that will make your space much more organized and functional.

Use Plastic Bins (with Labels!)

We always suggest clear stackable bins for the obvious reason that it’s easy to identify the contents, especially when paired with a label! If we haven’t stressed it enough in the past, labels are always helpful to maintain systems. Bins also help maximize vertical space in those lesser frequented areas in maybe your garage, storage room or spare closets. They’re also great for keeping dust out.

Tip: Keep similar items in the same bins either by theme, person, or item. For example: ‘Winter Accessories’ or by family member: “Kate, Summer”. This ensures the seasonal swap out is quick and easy. Get creative with storage spaces!
If you find you’re strapped for storage solutions in your home, there are sneaky ways to create additional space. For instance, if you don't have a vacation planned for a while and you have luggage kicking around, put those to good use! This is a great place to store those bulky winter items or seasonal accessories and shoes.
Under-bed storage is another fantastic tuck-away zone for periodically used items. There are numerous storage solutions (and inexpensive ones) on the market. Some of our favourites are the IKEA Skubb series as they come in various sizes and compartmentalized with zipper closure or storage bins on wheels for extra easy access, especially for those transitional pieces you may need before the actual seasonal swap happens.

Stuff your Shoes

To keep your winter boots and shoes from losing their shape while tucked away for a year, put some newspaper or shoe shapers in them. This ensures they maintain their shape and are ready for wear when that first unexpected snow falls.

But First... Decluttering Before You Store

The first step to any organizing project would first be to take a good and honest look at what you actually wear, use and love. You don’t want to have to create space for anything unwanted. It will also alleviate some of the overwhelm you might feel about where to store this stuff.
Here are some suggested questions to ask yourself in the decluttering stage: 
+ What pieces of clothing did you wear the most?
+ Is it still in good condition? 
+ What is the reason I’m hanging on to it? 
+ Will I miss it if it’s gone?
+ Would I be happier if someone else benefited from this item?
The hope is that there is less than what you started with. This reduces the product you need to buy and the space required to store it, which ultimately means a sense of reward! 

Tip: Don't forget to wash and dry your winter clothes before you store them. Making sure your clothing and shoes are properly dry before you put them in bins or bags will make sure they don't get moldy during the rest of the year! 

Ultimately, better storage solutions = a happier you.

And if you’re still feeling stuck, we are always here to help!

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