Spring is here! Time for yard prep

Spring is here! Time for yard prep

The grass is going green, the birds are out chirping and our parkas here in Calgary are now at the back of the closet (hopefully not needed again until next winter ). I love this time of year and when I did have a yard in the past I loved getting it cleaned up, organized and blooming. Here are some of Room to Breathes fun yard organization ideas:

Introduce an outdoor activity trolley. Whether you have kids or not this can be useful. Have a trolley that you can store in the garage or shed during the winter and roll out into the yard for the summer. This trolley can hold things like chalk, bubbles, jump ropes, sand toys, Velcro ball, critter cages, snacks and more for kids or ring toss, bocce ball, water balloons, yard dominoes, beverages, etc. for the older crowds.

Set aside some time to give the garden some love.  A nicely kept garden is always pleasing on the eye and creates a space you want  to enjoy. Prune low branches and shoots to open up under the trees and make the yard feel bigger. Collect and  remove all yard waste and plant some fresh flowers for a pop of color!

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