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January 20, 2020

Learnings from Successfully Organized & Happy Homes.

Learnings from Successfully Organized & Happy Homes.

Room to Breathe has organized A LOT of homes over the years, and with that work has come a great deal of knowledge. We've been able to recognize common themes and trends from our most successful and happy clients - takeaways that can help us get to the root of our own disorganization and ensure the systems we put in place create lasting and effective change.

Minimalism Saves Time, Energy, and Money

A leading voice in minimalism, Joshua Becker, states “minimalism is the promotion of things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from that." Translation - to truly reap the benefits of organizing, we need to embrace an overall shift in our frame of mind. Continually striving toward owning less, buying less, wasting less, and as a result, dramatically simplifying our lives.

We've each experienced firsthand the physical and emotional toll involved in maintaining the items we own - the stress that quickly snowballs as we accumulate more stuff throughout our lifetime. By prioritizing the things we value most (ie: free time, travel, experiences with the ones we love...) and deeply reexamining our relationship with shopping and the things we bring into and keep in our homes, we can set ourselves on the right track for long-term freedom, happiness, and true abundance.

Include the Whole Team

A word we hear often is 'overwhelmed'. And it's easy to see how organizing can feel that way when it's approached as a solo project. Getting buy-in from your team (whoever shares your home with you) is a critical step in any organizing journey.

By including everyone, you not only divvy up the workload (a huge weight lifted off your shoulders,) but you also rally your team around a shared vision and goal. From start to finish, allowing your family to experience the process and be part of creating the final system is the best way to achieve and maintain organization going forward.

Keep Your Priorities Prioritized

What is your motivation for getting organized? Is it to ease the mental burden of clutter? To simplify your home and free up more time to enjoy with family and friends? To create space for a new addition or downsize into something smaller? Or perhaps to help streamline and make more effective use of the limited hours in each day?

Whatever your reason, it's important to keep it in mind throughout your organizing journey. It's hard work - both physically and emotionally - to sift through a lifetime of possession. There will be times where it feels never-ending or all too much. But keeping the end goal in mind, celebrating the small victories as you go, and reminding yourself of how good the end results feel is the best way to keep powering through.

If you find yourself needing a little bit of guidance or help as you begin organizing, get in touch today and book a free in-home consultation with one of Room to Breathes top Professional Organizers. We will tour your space and assess your specific needs and challenges, leaving you with thoughts, ideas, and next steps should you wish to book an organization session going forward. No pressure, no judgement, no obligation whatsoever.

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