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August 9, 2019

Getting Your Family to Buy-In to Organizing

Getting Your Family to Buy-In to Organizing

ou've done it! You've worked diligently to minimize the clutter, assigned homes for all your belonging, your closets and cupboards are looking Pinterest worthy, and you've come up with a system to help maintain it all going forward. It's perfection! Except for one thing...

The rest of your family has no idea what's going on!

It's a question we get asked A LOT (particularly in relation to children):

'How do I get the rest of my household onboard with organizing?'

Each person is unique in the things that come naturally to them, so often times, organizing is easy for some while others struggle to maintain momentum. This can be especially true for children as they learn and grow, and can create tension in homes where different organizing styles are present. But don't lose faith. We have some tips to help get everyone on the same page, and help maintain the organized home you've worked hard to achieve.

Work Along Side Them

Repetition is key. Often it's as simple as showing your family where everything goes and how the new system works. Walk them through putting away the dishes, help them tidy up their toys, show them the new bins for storing hats and gloves. And then do it all again tomorrow. It takes a bit of time and patience upfront, but the initial investment will definitely pay off down the road.

Label Everything

Labels do wonders for helping everyone know exactly what goes where. Small word labels are ideal for shelves and bins (imagine how simple a task like unloading the dishwasher would be if your kitchen shelves were labeled with what dish goes in which place?) Picture labels are perfect for young children that aren't yet reading.

Bring It Down

Often children struggle to maintain organization because the systems in place don't always work for their abilities. So think about this when you organize - bring hooks and bins down to their level so it's easy for them to hang up their coat or store away backpacks. Keep books and toys on lower shelves so they can easily access and put away things when they are done. Even using a lower kitchen drawer to store healthy snacks and child-friendly dishes can help instill independence and allows kids to feel like they are a part of the process.  

Create Checklists

Checklists are great for relaying expectations and fostering new habits. Having both a daily checklist (for maintaining the day to day) as well as a weekly checklist (for less frequent chores) is a great way to involve all family members in the maintenance and upkeep of the home - including things like emptying backpacks after school, putting shoes on the shoe rack, clearing the kitchen table, and sorting dirty laundry into darks and lights are all examples of age-inclusive tasks that help maintain organization.

Bite Sized Pieces

Sometimes a huge shift like this can feel overwhelming for those that weren't involved in making it happen. And after investing so much time and energy into getting your space organized, it can be frustrating to not get immediate buy-in to the changes that have been made. Try to be patient and aware when resistance is coming up for others. Start small and gradually introduce more when it feels like the first piece has been mastered.


This step is so important! Celebrate your wins! Big or small, celebration is the best way to encourage progress and acknowledge the effort that has been invested. Grab some sparklers and a special treat and revel in how far you've come!


Need a helping hand bringing your organizational vision to reality? Contact Room to Breathe today to schedule a FREE in home consultation - We LOVE to help and can get your space (and family!) organized and functioning in much less time than you may think!

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