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June 24, 2022

An Organized Garage? Let’s Make it Happen!

An Organized Garage? Let’s Make it Happen!
Having a garage space, whether attached or not, is such a treat to come to! However, as little as a few months in with this new treat, it can feel like our overflow space for all the “stuff”. 
Well, we’re here to tell ya it’s possible to bring organization back to your garage! Set aside a full day or two for this project, but the results? They’ll be well worth it!

Where to begin

  • As you sort through, organize things into three key categories: keep, donate, and toss.
  • Broken things you’ve been meaning to repair for 2+ years? Probably best to get rid of. If you haven’t yet made the time for it, unless you know you have the time *this week*, it’s likely just taking up space.
  • Toys that have been outgrown, but are in great shape? There’s likely someone who will put this to good use- set into the donate pile!
  • Test out any electronics that haven’t been touched in some time, to make sure what you’re keeping is working. Safely recycle or dispose of things that are beyond repair.


Certain things that we are used to storing in our garages could be better off elsewhere.

  • Pet food? This might attract unwanted pests. If possible, store in a sealed bin and bring indoors, keeping in a closet or mudroom.
  • Paint? It’s not commonly known, but paint can get easily spoiled if left in extreme heat or cold. Unless your garage is temperature controlled, it’s best to bring this inside.
  • Paper & photo boxes. These, too, can unfortunately be a magnet for bugs. Dust off, and use boxes or bins to organize and label, then bring inside to store neatly in a closet or crawlspace. If you have the time, sort loose items into photo books! This can be a fun activity to do with the family!

Hang it!

All those yard tools and bikes? Let’s hang ‘em.

  • Places like Canadian Tire, Home Depot, and Amazon all carry an array of bike mounts, for wall or ceiling! These are often so loved, as they make more floor space available and are generally easy to install and access afterwards.
  • While shopping, pick up some wall hooks for your yard tools and anything that can easily go vertical! Need some inspiration? Check out our Garage & Storage board on Pinterest!
  • Ultimately, the aim is to get things off that floor as much as possible. It makes all the difference for sweeping and keeping clean, let alone even being able to glide into your parking space with ease! Anything that can go up, put it up!

Need a hand tackling this one? Call us in! We’re often asked, and yes, we do garages, too. ‘Tis the season to do that overhaul, and start really utilizing your garage space!

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