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May 28, 2024

Containers in all their Brilliance!

Containers in all their Brilliance!

Who says organization has to be all work and no play? With the right containers, not only do they function to keep your space tidy, but they can also add a splash of style that helps to create your space. And when we say “containers” we truly mean “something that contains”– it doesn’t have to be a boring box with a lid.

These days, there are so many options on the market, we figured we would share some space-saving favourites from a compact city home. From acrylic to polypropylene to cozy baskets, let's get inspired as to how you can make the most of these versatile organizers in your own home.

Exploring our Options

The world of storage containers is vast and varied. Baskets, often made from wicker or fabric, bring a warm, natural feel to any room and are perfect for storing throws or bulkier toys. We find them great for absorbing sound, so whether they’re being filled with wooden blocks or lego, they won’t make you cringe!

Filing containers, though made for office spaces, shouldn’t necessarily be confined to paper; they can also house crafts, tools, magazines, electronics, etc.

1) These larger baskets have enough structure to sit nicely even while empty, and enough of a tight weave to hold smaller toys (we’re looking at you, Calico critters!). This basket type is easy to find, often both at Ikea and HomeSense.
2) This smaller, soft basket has a small hook to allow it to be hung. Great for itty bitty toys, pencils, makeup… you name it! (Similar IKEA options: TJABBIG, PURRPINGLA)  

3) These three container types are all found at Muji, and used here to organize an arts cupboard! The small inserts (drawer inserts) can be purchased with a lid (separately) to make them stackable. The pencil holders (acrylic pen stand) are perfect for art tools (and easily washable), and the filing box (polypropylene filing box) comes in several size options and great for bulkier items.
4) An example of a combination working together to keep this cupboard space both workable and tidy. For home offices, craft centres for kids, and hobby rooms alike, this is creating storage solutions unique to you.

Brand Spotlight: Where to Shop

When it comes to buying containers, knowing where to shop can help you find the perfect match for your needs. IKEA is great for affordable options with a ton of variety. Muji excels in offering simple, high-quality products that suit a minimalist decor. Amazon features a vast array of brands and types, making it easy to compare different products (not to mention not having to leave the house)! If you have the time and patience, HomeSense often has great gems, especially if you’re only needing a set of one or two. We also find a lot of goods at local dollar stores, for a deal that really can’t break the bank.

Dual-Purpose Pieces

We know a chic ottoman with hidden storage isn’t new to you, but it’s sometimes forgotten just how handy these pieces can truly be. If you’re short on space but desire a full dining set-up, benches can tuck-in amazingly and store things like table linen and other items that are helpful to have near but not out. We’re bringing it back to the simplicity of dual use potential of our pieces.

This approach not only maximizes the utility of each item but also helps in maintaining a clutter-free environment. Consider storage seating even in the kids’ room!

5) This IKEA plate holder is made for the kitchen, but can be perfect for storing art, extra frames, or the kids’ craft kits.

Unleash Your Creativity with Containers

Embracing the world of containers allows you to streamline your space while expressing your style. Whether you’re corralling toys, sorting out your office, or setting up a system for your crafts, the right container can elevate your organizing game. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box—literally! Mix and match, repurpose, and let your containers work double duty. After all, a well-organized space is a happy space, and with these stylish, versatile solutions, you’re well on your way to achieving just that.

6) For delicate things that need to stay handy, this can be a good option. (Baskets from Amazon).
7) A great storage solution for those tight bathrooms with no cupboard space! (Baskets from HomeSense).

Pick a space this week that could use improvement, and give yourself an end-date to make it happen! Tag us on socials (
@room.2.breathe) in your creative container photos! Happy organizing!

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